Tuesday, June 1, 2010

7th heaven Major Announcements

7th heaven Major Announcements

Welcome to the 7th heaven June Newslettter
There is SO much going on in the 7th heaven world that we want to share all the great news... the past few months have been amazing and it's starting to pick up steam.

Jukebox - 500 Original Songs
Jukebox is a MASSIVE 500+ all -original song box-set of songs we have written, recorded and/or played in the 25 years 7th heaven has been around. This box set is a great musical journey thru different styles of music. We do not think there has been another band to date that has released this many originals at one time. This could break a world record! Jukebox has a bunch of guest singers as well as featuring your favorite members. All songs have been written by at least one member of 7th heaven in the 25 year history. Some songs are brand new, some are older but had never been released, all are fresh new recordings. This product will be available in 5 formats;
· 1 - A box set of traditional CD's (about 20-25). The box set contains a bonus disk of the original MP3's of demos as they were written and recorded over the last 25 years. This bonus data disk is only available in the full CD box-set.
· 2 - A data DVD with all the songs as MP3's.
· 3 - A flash drive with all the songs as MP3's.
· 4 - The internet: i-Tunes, Amazon, NTD Records store and 7thheavenband.com.
· 5 - A limited edition Apple iPod with the entire catalog on it.
Look for a complete listing of all songs on our website with full production notes and credits, as
well as writing credits, who is performing on each track, all the lyrics to every song. This section of the website will be done this summer. Jukebox will be available mid-summer.

Beginning June 1st look for songs to be posted on 7thheavenband.com for your previewing pleasure! Look for these very special products at the merch table and online in July. The price of this product will be very low, as we want our music to be heard by everyone. We hope you all pick a copy of this amazing product.

7th heaven to open for Bon Jovi at Soldier Field
THANK YOU goes out to all of you who were nice enough to take them time out of your day to vote 7th heaven #1 out of 500+ bands to put us in first place. We not only took first place, but we secured an opening slot for Bon Jovi & Kid Rock at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL on Friday July 30, 2010. What an amazing experience that will be! Thanks again for helping us win this, without all of you this could not have happened.

7th heaven on Radio....FINALLY!!!!
Finally.... 7th heaven have been getting spins on radio across the U.S. on various Hot AC Radio stations. The Mix 101.9FM Chicago is supposed to start playing our song "Better This Way" in the next couple weeks. We were also just featured in Denver on Alice 105.9FM (http://blogs.alice1059.com/samsundayschool/). Stay Tuned as we'll let you know what radio stations add 7th heaven.

One more place you can help vote for 7th heaven for radio is here:
This is a FREE website. Fast and easy to sign-up and vote for 7th heaven.

7th heaven on the Big Screen
Starting June 18 and thru August 26, 2010 7th heaven will be seen at the Streets of Woodfield Movie Theaters before every movie that's playing. So when you go to that AMC you will see a 7th heaven ad on the big screen.

7th heaven on the Little Screen
There will be cameras around 7th heaven this summer doing a reality TV show on what our life is like in 7th heaven. You will get to see tons of behind the scenes things that happen in our world. We do not know what network will air the footage, but we think it will air this Fall. So when you're out at a show and the camera sees you, smile and show off your 7th heaven support.

7th heaven on Billboards
Did you see the 7th heaven billboards on major Chicagoland Expressways? Keep watching, 7th heaven will be on different billboards throughout the city this summer. Let us know when you see them.

7th heaven on cover of Daily Herald
7th heaven was featured as the main story in the Daily Herald on Friday May 21, 2010. If you missed it we'll have the full article on our website for you to check out.

7th heaven on the cover of this months Chicago Rocker
If you are out in the clubs or restaurants in the next month, pick up a free copy of the Chicago Rocker Magazine because 7th heaven is on the cover of the magazine with a feature story on the band written by well known writer Guy Arnston. You can also read the story online at this website address: http://www.chicagorocker.com/

25th Anniversary CRUISE - the next 7th heaven cruise
Celebrate our 25th anniversary with us by coming on the next 7th heaven cruise. We will be sailing on Royal Caribbean's "Allure of the Seas", which is the "Oasis of the Seas" new sister ship that comes out 3 weeks prior to our sailing. We set sail for the Western Caribbean on Saturday January 15, 2011. We have GREAT rates on this ship and have a very limited amount of cabins available, so please put your deposits down ASAP. The cruise starts at $790 for the week and more details can be found on our cruise website - http://www.7thheavenband.com/cruise
(Payment plans are also available) To book this trip and find out availabilities, email our travel agent Neelie at Cary Travel at this email address: neelie@carytravelexpress.com

25 Years of 7th heaven !!!
2010 marks our 25th year of being a band!!! We will be releasing "Jukebox" as well as some other news stuff coming soon. We typically are not a band that stops to look back because we always focus on the future, but this milestone is one that very few bands can say they have achieved. The history of this band is an amazing story, for those of you who have shared your lives with 7th heaven over the 25 years, you have seen some amazing good times and some sad bad times. You have watched us get older, wiser and better. We have watched many of you go from high school to college to careers to marriage and families. Feel free to check out our MASSIVE history section on our website. It's broken down by years and really is a massive amount of information. You can also learn about the very important band members that have helped put 7th heaven on the map and keep it there. We are planning to have a reunion show at Durty Nellies on November 19, 2010 featuring some past band members and many original songs over the past 25 years.

7th heaven picnic - Our way to say THANKS
As a way to say "Thanks" to everyone for voting for us with Bon Jovi and supporting our band, we are hosting a 7th heaven picnic. This will be on Sunday, September 19th from 12 noon - 3pm off Golf Road in Schaumburg in the Busse Woods Forest Preserve. Details and a map can be found on our website under the tour page.

7th heaven has signed endorsement deals with Vic Firth drum sticks and we now have custom 7th heaven drum sticks. You can get a pair for yourself at our merchandise table at all shows. Mike and band will gladly sign them. Richie has also signed a endorsement deal as a producer with the software company "Toontrack". 7th heaven is also endorsed by: Dunlop, Dean Markley, Grundorf and Mesa Boogie.

Winning It All - Chicago Blackhawks
Last summer, Walter E. Smithe and the Chicago Cubs used our song "This Summers Gonna Last Forever" in TV ads. This Summer our song "Winning It All" might be featured for the Chicago Blackhawks if they win the Stanley Cup. So let's hope they take it all the way to "Win It All"

NEW 7th heaven T Shirts and Merchandise
We have a bunch of NEW T-Shirt designs available at the merchandise table at our shows. Check them out. Over the next month we will be releasing a few brand new designs and limited run shirts. We also have a bunch of other cool stuff coming out this year like wristbands, necklaces, dog tags, temporary tattoos, water bottles, key chains, beach balls, and things that glow in the dark, so make sure you continue to stop by the merchandise table at each show. Our new 2010 newsletter should be available next week as well with more information and full 2010 schedule. Per request, we now accept credit cards at the merch table.

All of our original CD's are now available on iTunes. Our new USA-UK CD, Silver, Live at Durty Nellies and Faces Time Replaces are all now available. Our new 500 song "Jukebox" will be available sometime in July on iTunes. You can even purchase 7th heaven ringtones on iTunes. Remember to leave us a good review on iTunes.

Shows, Shows, Shows....
We have TONS of shows booked for 2010. Below is a list of all the shows we have booked. We might still add more (as we are crazy and like playing all the time) so check out the dates at 7thheavenband.com and come out to a show or two or three or more... and let's make musical memories together!