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7th heaven Newsletter October 2009

7th heaven Newsletter October 2009

Welcome to the 7th heaven October Newslettter
Busy sums up this month. Most of the work being done is away from the stage. We have been working in the studio recording TONS of music. So this newsletter will be brief so we can get back to work on making music. Look for our new "U.S.A.-U.K." DVD now available when you purchase our "U.S.A. - U.K." CD.

New Music Video for "Still Be Here"
Our NEW "Still Be Here" music video is now online!
This video tells a story of Keith falling in love and has cameos of each band member thru it. Shot in one day in various locations. The girl in the video is a paid actress/model. This video is not suited for kids.

Check it out here:

It is also on our YouTube, MySpace and Facebook pages.

Radio Interview and 7th heaven spins
I just did a interview with The Kat 105.5FM in Kanakee, IL that will air this Thursday at 8pm. So if you live in the south suburbs, tune in. They will play "This Summers Gonna Last Forever" & "Better This Way" off our "U.S.A.-U.K." CD. The website is:

For those who can't pick the station up, it will be streaming off a website afterwards, I will put that interview on our website and in our next months newsletter for all of you to hear.

7th heaven on WXRT?!?!
Yup... can you believe WXRT played 7th heaven? Not just once, but twice this past week. What makes this a interesting event is that we don't really fit into the demographics of the station. However, the DJ Richard Milne who does a show called "Local Anesthetic" decided to spin "Better This Way". So a HUGE Thank You to him for that. Ironically, it was a DJ from 101.9fm (a station that SHOULD be playing 7th heaven) that we met at Millennium Park this summer who told us about Richard, so Thanks to Jeff Corder as well.
Email Jeff at 101.9 The Mix and tell him to spin 7th heaven:

7th heaven at Durty Nellies THIS FRIDAY!!!!!
This Friday, October 23, we'll be at Durty Nellies in Palatine. You all have told us that this, along with John Barleycorn in Schaumburg, are the best places to see/hear 7th heaven. So make sure you bring out friends and new fans to have a great night with us. Get there early to see our friends "HiFi Superstar", check them out here:
Try to get to Durty Nellies at 9pm.

Thirsty Whale Remembered - Old 7th heaven show
This Saturday October 24, 2009 the Original 7th heaven members get together to celebrate the Thirsty Whale. The Thirsty Whale was a Rock club in River Grove, IL that all the biggest Rock acts came thru and played in the 70's & 80's. It is also where 7th heaven first got it's start by it's first "club" show. We were 15 years old at the time. Come out and see Tony DiGiulio, Richie Hofherr, Chris Senior, Nick Cox and Michael Mooshey play a couple songs from the past. It should be a great night to remember. We'll be on at 12 midnight.

Spend Halloween with 7th heaven
Boooooooooooooo... Join 7th heaven for a costume contest & concert at Chicago City Limits on Saturday October 31. Dress up, look crazy scary, funny, silly or just plain weird and win prizes. It should be a great night. Look for our friends "Chasing the Day" (who is on NTD Management now) to open the show. These are great guys.You can check them out here:
Get to Chicago City Limits by 9pm and plan to have a great time that night!!!!!

7th heaven LIVE on the net RIGHT NOW!
October 9, 2009 we played Shark City in Glendale Heights, IL, a place we play often where we play a long set of originals and covers. Perfect Mix Sound did a webcast that night that people around the world tuned in and watched.. how cool. It even has our 30 songs in 30 mins medley. Since we have fans around the world who can never see a full show, or at least a club show of a mixture of things, we thought we'd share the cool video with all of you. Check it out here:

New Music Video for "This Summers Gonna Last Forever"
This is a video that stars YOU!!!! Yup that's right, it's all YOU!!!!
Not a single shot of any of the band members are in this video. There's shots from around the world as well as some shows.
If you made is out to a show this summer and were singing along with us, we might have got you on film and you just might be in this video. Think of it as a nice scrapbook to our summer that we have shared with one another. Thanks for joining the party!!!
Videos can be found:
7th heaven website:

You Tube:

More Live Videos of 7th heaven for you
So the past few months we have introduced you to different talented people that have been in the crowd and taken great photos of the band.. now let's talk about videos. Meet "Mccrackin". I met Mccrackin over the summer when I did a brief interview with him before a unplugged show. Since then he has taken some great videos of the band LIVE... check them out:

Better This Way:

This Summers Gonna Last Forever:


Interview with Mccrackin:

Our new original CD called "U.S.A.-U.K." is now available on iTunes. It is also available thru our "store" on our website and at all shows. The CD is $10.00 and contains 18 songs. If you only get one of our CD's, this is the one you should get. The entire CD can be heard on our jukebox. This product now comes with a DVD of all of our music videos off this CD.

Some reviews:
· Great songs are the heart of any great record and this album features great songs. - (Australia)
· It's hard to find something wrong with this U.S.A. - U.K. 100/100 - (France)
· Splendid 2nd release from the awesome US melodic rockers, which kicks out the sh** of the latest Def Leppard releases. - (Germany)
· In my opinion one of the best releases of year 2008. - (Italy)
· A remarkable piece of work - (Japan)

Another good review of "U.S.A. - U.K." (Sweden) just did a review of "U.S.A.-U.K." and gave it a good review:

"The Chicago based AOR band 7th Heaven is a bit like the town Reno, they're the biggest little band in the world with sold out records and national tours every year without a major label deal or airplays on radio. The 18 track album U.S.A - U.K is the first one with Keith Semple who replaced Andrew Blake in 2006, 6 songs from their 2003 album Silver has been re-recorded with Semple for U.S.A - U.K but we also get 12 new songs from this extremely underrated AOR band.
There was a documentary made about the Canadian metal band Anvil that became a blockbuster movie in the theatres this year, that told the story about a band that has struggled over 25 years without getting big. 7th Heaven is Anvil of AOR, bandleader Richard Hofherr writes songs that could've been recorded by Def Leppard except that Leppard is huge and 7th Heaven is not.

Songs like Better this way, Still be here and Electronic Karma should be Top 100 hits if there was any justice in this world."


7th heaven Cruise - November 2009 - LAST CHANCE!!!
This is your last chance to join us on the next 7th heaven cruise. We will be sailing the Mexican Riviera (Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan & Cabo San Lucas) out of Los Angeles, CA on the brand new Carnival Splendor.  The sailing will be November 15-22, 2009.

Those who booked, our "Pre-Cruise Party" is Tuesday October 27, email us for the location.

For more info on the cruise, go to our 7th heaven cruise website.
Any other questions, email me at:
You have to watch our 7th heaven cruise video from last year!!!!

7th heaven shirts, hats, hoodies, etc..
We have had a lot of requests to add more of our products that are available at live shows to our website store. We listened and we have started the process to add all our products online for everyone to purchase year round from around the world. Our updated online store will be released in November in time for the Holidays.

All of our original CD's are now available on iTunes. Our new USA-UK CD, Silver, Live at Durty Nellies and Faces Time Replaces are all now available. You can even purchase 7th heaven ringtones on iTunes.
Don't forget to leave us a good review on iTunes.

Pop Medley 2 CD & DVD - 1 BOX LEFT
Our NEW Pop Medley 2 CD,
which features our new 30 songs in 30 minutes, is almost sold out!

This product was a limited run and will not be re-ordered, so those who have the first Medley CD and don't have this one, order it ASAP.

You can find more info about this Medley on our website's store section.
The CD & DVD combo digipack is only $15.00 plus $5.00 for shipping worldwide.

We took video clips of us in the studio putting our parts down, so check out a rare inside look at how we do what we do in the studio in this video.

Hear it on our online Jukebox.

Medley CD & DVD - Updated!
Since we sold out of the Original Medley CD/DVD over the past month, we decided to do the re-order and merge the new Pop Medley 2 onto this product. So this new Medley CD/DVD will now come with all three medleys (Pop 1, Pop 2 & Rock) on one CD and all three videos on the DVD as well. You can find out more info on this updated product on our website store.

New Music Video for "Gravity"
Our NEW "Gravity" music video is now online!
The video was shot at Naperville Ribfest in front of 60,000 people.
It was an amazing show to capture on video.

Check it out here:

It is also on our YouTube, MySpace and Facebook pages.

Music Video for "Better This Way"
Check out the new music video for our song "Better This Way" off the "U.S.A.-U.K." CD. Shot over 2 days, this video is half storyline - half performance. The best place to see it will be our website under the 'video' tab and then click the 'music videos' channel.
Direct link is here:

Help us promote it by adding it to your websites.

Help us promote the song by sending your friends the video and feel free to leave us some feedback on those sites.

Music Video for "Cellophane"
Have you been to a 7th heaven show recently? If so, you are probably in the new "Cellophane" video. We collected shots from many of our shows over the past couple years and put together a kind of yearbook with many of you singing the song.
Check the video out here:

Help us promote it by adding it to your websites.
October 23    Durty Nellies
October 24    Big Brother / Big Sister
October 24    Thirsty Whale (old line-up reunion)
October 27    Real Time Sports - @
October 29    Keywester - @
October 31    Chicago City Limits
November 5    Finn McCool's - @
November 6    The Lodge
November 7    Kams
November 12   Keywester - @
November 13    John Barleycorn - Chicago
November 15    7th heaven cruise
November 24    Real Time Sports - @
November 25   Chicago City Limits
December 3      Fatty's
December 5      Tailgaters
December 10    Finn McCool's - @
December 11    John Barleycorn
December 12    Shark City
December 15    Real Time Sports - @
December 17    Keywester - @
December 18    Austin's
Decmeber 19    Real Time Sports
December 31    Hyatt Regency Chicago

@ = unplugged show
Thanks for all your continued support.
We love playing and as long as you keep coming out to see us play, we'll continue to be there.

Richard Hofherr
7th heaven