Friday, March 13, 2009

7th heaven News -March 2009

7th heaven Newsletter March 2009

Welcome to the 7th heaven March Newslettter
Spring has arrived!!! That means summer time is closing in. We are finalizing a amazing summer schedule and should have it available in our next newsletter. We are about to shoot a music video for "Still be here" which should be on our website by next month. Here's what we have going on...

7th heaven on National TV next week - Chicago Bulls Game
We will be singing the National Anthem on TV next Saturday, March 21 for the Chicago Bulls / LA Lakers game at the United Center. Tune in and watch us if you are close to a TV!

St. Patrick's Day Festival
We'll be performing this coming Tuesday, March 17 at Mullen's Bar & Grill in Lisle inside a huge heated tent. We'll be playing at 8pm! Come join the party!!!

Animal House revisited & U. of I. craziness
Ok, so we have a few college shows left before the school season ends and what a better way to celebrate then to throw a couple frat parties. We'll be coming to U. of I. four times in the next six weeks. We'll be at Kam's tonight, March 13 and back next week at th Alpha Gamma Sigma frat party before spring break. Next month we'll be back at Kam's again on April 4 and returning for the double trouble frat party on April 25.

Next 7th heaven cruise
Our next 7th heaven cruise will aboard Royal Caribbean's "Oasis of the Seas". We'll be leaving for a week from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and go to the Eastern Caribbean (St. Thomas, St. Maarten and the Bahamas). We'll be sailing out a year from today on February 20, 2010. You need $250 per person down to hold your room. You can put a deposit down and hold a room and pay your final payment in Decemeber or we also have payment plans that start around $80 a month ($20 a week). This ship is the newest and largest ship in the world. This ship is AMAZING! It is opened to the sky in the middle of the ship and has a outdoor concert venue with a outside movie screens.. too many things to list here.. check out the website to learn more. Also check out last years 7th heaven cruise here (video)

New Pop Medley - Part II
So ya like our 30 songs in 30 minutes? How can we top that? Well come out to Durty Nellies on Friday March 27, we'll be debuting our NEW Pop Medley II (40 songs in 40 minutes). If the crowd is in a crazy mood that night we just might have to play both medleys and blow the roof off that place.

7th heaven blogger
So we finally changed our messageboard on our website to a blogger that the band and crew wil all be posting thoughts in. We are going to post all different types of things in the blogger to give you a insight of what our lives are like and what it takes to make 7th heaven run. Since we are new to blogging we're not sure if we'll open it up to everyone or not. Also the news section is now based off a blogger too, which will be easier for everyone to look back at the past news. We welcome any suggestions and things you would like to see.

Wanna be in our next music video?
Would you like to be in our next music video? Shoot yourself singing our song "This Summer's Gonna Last Forever"! We wanna see you having a great time with the song. Let's see what you got! The more creative the better. All you fans in other countries, shoot yourself in a area that shows your country. All ages. Kids. In the car. Shoot the video and send it to us via our post box - 7th heaven, PO Box 66473, Chicago, IL 60666. If possible shoot the video and give us the raw footage. Email us if you want to load it onto a web server. Please get the video to us by the end of May and we'll release the video in June around the World. If you don't have the song, get it here for FREE -

New Facebook Page
Facebook forced us to change our facebook page to a fan based type of facebook page. Facebook has become a great way to reach old friends and new friends. So if you have a facebook page, take a second and 'become a fan' on this page:

New Music Video for "Cellophane"
Have you been to a 7th heaven show recently? If so, you are probably in the new "Cellophane" video. We collected shots from many of our shows over the past couple years and put together a kind of yearbook with many of you singing the song.
Check the video out here:

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New Music Video for "Better This Way"
Check out the new music video for our song "Better This Way" off the "U.S.A.-U.K." CD. Shot over 2 days, this video is half storyline - half performance. The best place to see it will be our website under the 'video' tab and then click the 'music videos' channel.
Direct link is here:

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Our new original CD called "U.S.A.-U.K." is now available on iTunes. It is also available thru our "store" on our website and at all shows. The CD is $10.00 and contains 18 songs. If you only get one of our CD's, this is the one you should get. The entire CD can be heard on our jukebox.

Some reviews:
· Great songs are the heart of any great record and this album features great songs. - (Australia)
· It's hard to find something wrong with this U.S.A. - U.K. 100/100 - (France)
· Splendid 2nd release from the awesome US melodic rockers, which kicks out the sh** of the latest Def Leppard releases. - (Germany)
· In my opinion one of the best releases of year 2008. - (Italy)
· A remarkable piece of work - (Japan)