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7th heaven News - January 2009

7th heaven Newsletter January 2009

Welcome to the 7th heaven January Newslettter
It's very very cold here in Chicago! I just had to tell everyone that.. again. We are enjoying a break from playing shows, but we are very hard at work with a lot of different things. We are working on a new Pop medley to debut sometime in February. We have a bunch of songs we added to our set as well. Over the next few months we'll be trying out a wide variety of songs in our set to prepare for the summer festivals (I wish it was summer right now). We would love to hear feedback on the new songs in our set... after all we are performing for YOU! Ok, now let's get into the news of the month in the 7th heaven world.
cellophane button
New Music Video for "Cellophane"
Have you been to a 7th heaven show recently? If so, you are probably in the new "Cellophane" video. We collected shots from many of our shows over the past couple years and put together a kind of yearbook with many of you singing the song.
Check the video out here:

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better this way
New Music Video for "Better This Way"
Check out the new music video for our song "Better This Way" off the "U.S.A.-U.K." CD. Shot over 2 days, this video is half storyline - half performance. The best place to see it will be our website under the 'video' tab and then click the 'music videos' channel.
Direct link is here:

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MASSIVE history section now online
1985! That was the year 7th heaven was born and played the first show. In our 24 years we have seen so many of you meet for the first time, become friends and some become married, become parents and see generations of people come out and share a moment with us. As we approach our 25 year anniversary, we want to stop and tell you a little bit of the journey that we have been on. On our history section on our website you can see over 12,000 photos, many of the photos are from shows with pictures of you in there. In each year, click the photo gallery to see what life was like with 7th heaven during that time. You can also see a story on the band for each year, as well as the songs we wrote and performed that year. There are old flyers, newsletters, ads and photos of the website from that time. There are also many newspaper stories as well. Make sure you click the "History" tab on our website and check it out.
class x
7th heaven on FM Radio
Class X Radio FM in Cincinnati has been playing 7th heaven's music on it's radio station everyday. Not only is our song "Better this Way" in full rotation, but they just added "Hand on My Heart" and "Cellophane" to their playlist.

Also check out the interview we did on the station.
We discussed our new "U.S.A.-U.K." CD, as well as how the band formed and the music business. Take a listen off the website. Here's a direct link:

Please take a couple minutes and help keep 7th heaven alive on that station by requesting us.
New Facebook Page
Facebook forced us to change our facebook page to a fan based type of facebook page. Facebook has become a great way to reach old friends and new friends. So if you have a facebook page, take a second and 'become a fan' on this page:

7th heaven returns to Durty Nellies
It's been some time since we have played Durty Nellies in Palatine. We return there THIS SATURDAY January 24 and we'd love for you all to come see us there. This is a great live room to see bands at. We'll be playing a bunch of new songs that night. See you there. 10pm.
Map to Durty Nellies
NEW updated Photo Section on our website
We have a new Photo Section on our website. We completely re-did the entire photo gallery with a new script that should load the photos faster and work on PC's as well as MACS. Let us know how it's working for you, we want the feedback. Go thru the years and look for yourself in the galleries. There's over 12,000 photos on there.
new years eve
Thanks for joining us on New Years Eve
Thank you to everyone who joined us New Years Eve at the Chicago Hyatt Regency. We had a great turnout (over 3,500) and everyone was having a great time. A great way to conclude 2008.
Our new original CD called "U.S.A.-U.K." is now available on iTunes. It is also available thru our "store" on our website and at all shows. The CD is $10.00 and contains 18 songs. If you only get one of our CD's, this is the one you should get. The entire CD can be heard on our jukebox.

Some reviews:
· Great songs are the heart of any great record and this album features great songs. - (Australia)
· It's hard to find something wrong with this U.S.A. - U.K. 100/100 - (France)
· Splendid 2nd release from the awesome US melodic rockers, which kicks out the sh** of the latest Def Leppard releases. - (Germany)
· In my opinion one of the best releases of year 2008. - (Italy)
· A remarkable piece of work - (Japan)
NEW 'Unplugged" Double CD now available
Our new "Unplugged" double CD of 36 songs is now available. This CD has some AWESOME vocals on it and showcases the "Unplugged" type of shows that we do during the week. We think this CD will be a great addition to the other two CD's we will have released; U.S.A. - U.K. and the Medley CD/DVD. The double CD will sell for $15, but if you come to a unplugged show (which most are free) you can pick it up at a unplugged show for $10. This entire double CD can be heard right now on our website thru our music jukebox and ordered on our "Store".
medley new
NEW "Medley CD/DVD" is released
We have released a new Medley CD/DVD combo pack. It has both the Pop Medley and Rock Medley on them. It has the Pop Medley Video as well as the Rock Medley video. If you have been to a 7th heaven show in the past 2 years you might be on the video. It's a great way to remember the good times at our shows and it captures a lot of personality of the band members. This product is now available on our "Store" section on our website. You can hear it on our Jukebox and see it in the video section.
Awesome Fans
Ok, so we just put our new 'Cellophane" music video on YouTube and while checking to make sure it's working we come across this... a family driving in a car singing our song "Cellophane"... it put smiles on our faces so we had to share this. It is so awesome to see people enjoying the music we make.
January 22 Keywester - @
January 23 Private Party
January 24 Durty Nellies

February 7 Shark City
February 10 Real-Time Sports - @
February 13 Kams
February 14 Famous Freddies
February 19 Firebar & Grill - @
February 20 John Barleycorn
February 21 Tailgators
February 26 Keywester - @
February 27 Austins

March 4 Finn McCools Crystal Lake - @
March 5 Finn McCools Schaumburg - @
March 7 Lodge
March 10 Real Time Sports - @
March 13 Kams
March 14 Chicago City Limits
March 21 United Center - Chicago Bulls Game - National Anthem

the @ symbol next to our shows means they are unplugged shows
Thanks for all your continued support. We love playing and as long as you keep coming out to see us play, we'll continue to be there.

Richard Hofherr
7th heaven