Friday, August 7, 2009

7th heaven Newsletter August 2009

7th heaven Newsletter August 2009

Welcome to the 7th heaven August Newslettter
There's times when the stars seem to align and a certain type of synergy seems to be working. Right now that is what our world is like. In the history of the band we have not had so much momentum. So many of you have so kind to come out night after night and support us. It really is appreciated. We don't always have the time to chat or tell you thank you, so THANK YOU!!!! :)

Why aren't you guys huge? On Radio? Signed? Etc...
Well, this is a interesting question we keep getting asked over and over again. The answer is a difficult one to answer but I can tell you that the reason we were just on WGN was because of YOU! That's right... a few of you took the time to call the station and tell them to have us and they contacted us. So when we tell you to call the radio and tell them to play us, it will work if we all work in numbers. If you think we should be somewhere email or call the place and tell them to have us or play our music. You would be surprised how often this actually works. A few of our shows have happened because a few of you contacted the people in charge and told them to check out 7th heaven... let's keep that going.. it's working.
YOU are our best salesmen.

New Music Video for "Gravity"
Our NEW "Gravity" music video is now online!
The video was shot at Naperville Ribfest in front of 60,000 people.
It was an amazing show to capture on video.

Check it out here:

It is also on our YouTube, MySpace and Facebook pages.

Pop Medley 2 CD & DVD - Now Available
Our NEW Pop Medley 2 CD,
which features our new 30 songs in 30 minutes, is now available!

You can find more info about this Medley on our website's store section.
The CD & DVD combo digipack is only $15.00 plus $5.00 for shipping worldwide.

We took video clips of us in the studio putting our parts down, so check out a rare inside look at how we do what we do in the studio in this video.

Hear it on our online Jukebox.

7th heaven Cruise - November 2009 - VERY CHEAP RATES
We will be sailing the Mexican Riviera (Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan & Cabo San Lucas) out of Los Angeles, CA on the brand new Carnival Splendor. The sailing will be November 15-22, 2009.
Rates start at $170 per person for a week!!!! ($24 a day)
Our rates are:
Inside room - $300 per person for 1st & 2nd person - $30 for 3rd & 4th person in this room
Outside room - $400 per person for 1st & 2nd person - $60 for 3rd & 4th person in this room
Balcony room - $550 per person for 1st & 2nd person - $90 for 3rd & 4th person in this room
add $214.57 per person for port charges and taxes.

If you have 4 people in a inside room, your rate will be $170 per person,
plus port charges and taxes.

I have a limited amount of rooms and if you want to go on this trip you will need to act fast.
Rates will go up on August 20.

You need $250 per person deposit down to lock in the rate and
final payment is due August 20, 2009. Air is extra.
Booking Form.

For more info on the cruise, go to our 7th heaven cruise website.
Any other questions, email me at:
You have to watch our 7th heaven cruise video from last year!!!!

7th heaven on WGN
We performed LIVE on WGN Radio (the Greg Jarret show) last Friday Morning. (Did we mention "morning" - I'm not sure I was even awake or there, after-all we are musicians and we never see the morning)

You can see us on here:

7th heaven plays Millennium Park
We will be performing at Millennium Park in Chicago on Thursday August 13 from 5:30pm - 6:30pm. This show is being sponsored by The Mix 101.9FM Chicago. Go here & here for more info.
Lastly, do us a HUGE favor and contact 101.9FM The Mix and tell them to play 7th heaven's "This Summers Gonna Last Forever".
Contact The Mix here:

Jack FM Cruise with 7th heaven
We'll be performing a unplugged set on the "Anita Dee" cruise ship on Wednesday August 19, 2009 from 7pm - 10pm. You must enter to win tickets to this show. Free food and drinks, and a spectacular view of the Wednesday Night fireworks at Navy Pier, presented by JACK FM.

Enter the contest here.
Contact JackFM and tell them to play 7th heaven's "This Summers Gonna Last Forever".
Contact Jack FM here:

Snack King
e played Austin's once and this guy with a huge camera started shooting photos of us. We didn't think anything of it until we saw what kind of photos he shot and we were blown away. Our good friend Michael Liberacki, better known as "Snack King" has been shooting some amazing photos of us at various shows. His photos are on our website right now, our flyers and our ads in various magazine, as well as newspapers and posters. He also created a great video from our unplugged show we did in Long Grove last month.
Check out the Photos here:
Check out "Another Brick in the Wall" (Unplugged) here:
Check out "Landslide" here: